Monday, January 14, 2019

My 2019 paintings

youth (11x14)

Under the flowery tree (12x16)

A nude study (16x20)

summer night (16x20)

Sunday, January 28, 2018

My 2018 paintings

Waiting (16x20)

Northern hunter

looking for books (N/A)
Still life (16x20)

Esperanza (16x20)

Hark, hark, the lark (16x20)

still life (16x20)

From you have I been absent in the spring (16x20)
Family honor (16x20)
Expectation (11x14)

Elegance (16x20)

Selfie with grandma (16x20, N/A)
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Repose (16x20)

Ariadne at Naxos (16x20)
(I painted the sail black, following the legend.  Most classical paintings of this theme have light colored sail.)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Recently published articles in World Journal

(The following are not included in my 2018 book which collects 29 of my earlier published articles in World Journal).

Articles on operas:

1.  金錢與愛情的抉擇 - 兩個瑪儂
(published on 12-5-2016)

2.  都是一個蘋果惹的禍
(published on 3-29-2017)

3.  貞潔的女神
(published on 5-4-2017)

4.  愛情的時差
(published on 7-9-2017)

5.  法斯塔夫的笑話人生
(published on 10-2-2017)

6.  唐吉訶德與桑丘
(published on 11-14-2017)

7.  .   魅影幢幢的馬克白
(published on 1-26-2018)

8.  女武神
published on 2-28-2018

9.   功敗垂成的一回首 (published on 5-22-2018)

10.  女人皆如此嗎?

12.  . 陰謀與愛情

13.   女郎和強盗  (published 1-21-2019)

14.   波西米亚人
(published 2/23-2019)

Articles on paintings & miscellaneous:

1.         馬內的錯誤?
(published on 7-28-2010)

2.       相思病會致命嗎?
(published on 7-23-2011)

3.   聖殿騎士與十字軍
 (published on 8-26-2011)

4.       哥雅的三個模特兒
(published on 2-28-2013)

5.       暴力屠殺的见证
[Old websites:
(published on 1-25-2014)

6.       拜倫的異教徒
[Old websites:
(published on 3-25-2014)

 7.  狸貓換太子
(A paragraph has been deleted by the editor)
(published on 5-4-2015)

8.  最後的浪漫情懷
 (published on 1-27-2017)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 paintings

Portrait of a dear friend (16x20) N/A

Pensive (16x20)

college girl (16x20)

Sweet memory (16x20)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Landscape paintings

The source (12x16)

Early autumn (16x20) N/A
Deer on prairie (16x20) N/A

Above the tree line 高原上 (16x20) N/A

Sunrise on the sea (16x20) N/A
旭日東昇金灑浪, 明霞如錦彩雲長
霎時殘夜烏雲散, 滄海九州沐晨光

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My recent (2015-6) portrait, figures & still life paintings.

Beauty & the beast (12x16) N/A

another pushman (16x20)

Daydreaming (18x24)

Modesty (12x16)

Transience & permanence of beauty (16x20, N/A)

Cyn (16x20)

copying Pushman (16x20) (N/A)

My Mona Lisa (16x20)

Guanyin & white flowers (12x16)
(I added another coat to this earlier painting)
Grandma's dream (16x20)

"I do"
(11x14.  a wedding portrait of my beautiful niece. N/A)

(12x16) Portrait of a friend (N/A)

(12x16) Fur collar coat

Consoling the newly arrived (16x20) (N/A)

Satin dress (16x20)
portrait (based on an old B&W photo.  11x14, N/A)

Age contemplating innocence (16x20, N/A)
(This was painted in 2014, but was entered into National Arts Program in 2016, and received "Honorary mention" award at the professional level.)

Sitting nude (16x20)

Reading lesson (12x16) \
(This one was awarded a honorary mention in National Arts Program at the professional level in 2017)
After the bath (16x20)